Rating Center

General description

In the administrative management of a university, a quantitative measure is needed every year to assess the results of the performance achievements of all academicians in it. Several types of measurements that initially aroused the need for data management were the Webometrics Ranking and University Rankings conducted by PD DIKTI.

Some of the obstacles experienced by the State University of Malang in the data management process are the unavailability of a system that records all types of indicators needed, the lack of readiness of the academic community in recording their academic activities digitally, and the integration of all data which must be applied gradually. To overcome these obstacles, the State University of Malang formed a UM Rating Team in 2019.

The UM Ranking Team was originally formed as an ad hoc team that played a role in pioneering the recording of the performance of the entire academic community of State University of Malang. In the short term, in the process of recording the overall performance of the academic community, stakeholders at the State University of Malang can find out the quality and quantity of performance achievements based on the performance contracts that have been agreed at the beginning of each year. In addition, recording and managing performance data can help the ranking process which is carried out automatically by DIKTI. This performance achievement recording process can also be further managed to meet the Webometrics and 4ICU Rankings which were previously carried out by the Information Systems Sub Division in collaboration with UPT PTIK UM.

State University of Malang continues its participation in the university website ranking system at the international level, namely Webometrics. To meet these targets, a Rating Unit was formed under the auspices of the Sub Division of Public Relations. However, this Rating Unit suffers from a lack of experts in data handling to meet the indicators of Webometrics Ranking. In 2020, State University of Malang initiated a collaboration with QS World University Rankings to strengthen the achievement of UM's vision at the international level. Therefore, a special center was formed to handle data management to fulfill this, namely the Rating Center.

The rating center is now under the auspices of the Institute for Research and Community Service, State University of Malang (LP2M UM). Within the Ranking Center, there are three divisions that function to optimize the performance record process of all academicians of State University of Malang, namely (1) Data Synchronization and Strategic Planning Division, (2) Internal Ranking - National Clusterization, and (3) International Ranking.

With the establishment of this Ranking Center, it is hoped that it can improve the track record process of all academic and non-academic activities of the Malang State University academic community so that it can improve the quality of service and education. Improving the quality of the performance monitoring system certainly cannot be achieved directly, but rather gradually and continuously, so that the process can be carried out simultaneously with the increase in the rank of the State University of Malang at the national and international levels.

Main Duties and Objectives

In the framework of implementing its main objectives, the Rating Center has formulated several main tasks and objectives as follows.

Main Duties of the Rating Center

  1. Provide an accurate evaluation of MW Rating.
  2. Encouraging increased use of IT for lecturers and students in the teaching and learning process as part of the image of the State University
  3. Enrich the types and content of websites in the um.ac.id domain that describes the activities of the academic community of State University of Malang.
  4. Encouraging the increase in scientific publication of scientific papers on the website of the State University of Malang.
  5. Increase awareness of the need to disseminate information online
  6. Supporting the State University of Malang in achieving its vision, mission and goals.

Purpose of the Rating Center

  1. Improve the image of MUs in the form of increasing MW ranking positions in various fields, both in national ranking and
  2. To produce best practice guidelines in the management of higher education that are up to date with the times, and in accordance with the standards of the national and national higher education management community
  3. Cooperate with related units in preparing adequate infrastructure and training for all State University Academics
  4. Conduct periodic supervision and take strategic steps to improve webometrics ranking and